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Olanzapine, commonly known as zyprexa, is a prescription medication that is used for the treatment of psychotic symptoms such as delusions or hallucinations seen in schizophrenia, and though this medication is not supposed to be addicting and olanzapine abuse rarely occurs, serious olanzapine withdrawal symptoms can occur if you suddenly stop taking this medication or play around with the dose without taking to a doctor first.

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eli lilly, known in recent years by many for their focus on marketing over science or research, greatly desired and hoped that zyprexa would be a welcome blockbuster for them, which is a medication that exceeds a billion dollars a year in sales as a minimum.

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some side effects may be related to the dose of zyprexa relprevv.

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but there is no black-box warning for children and adolescents being prescribed zyprexa, and doctors apparently are prescribing the drug to growing numbers of youngsters.

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one mother whose 11-year-old son was cycling wildly throughout the day despite his being on clozaril and zyprexa wrote of her son s experience with trileptal at about three weeks, as his dose was 900 mg, we began to see the amplitude of his mood swings diminish.

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